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        2019-05-10 10:37:08| 來源:內蒙古考研

        A recent parliamentary report blames the government and the food industry for the growth in obesity. The Department of Transport is blamed for not doing enough to__1__facilities for pedestrians and cyclists while__2__ to pressure from motoring organizations representing car users. The Ministry of Education is__3__of selling off school playing fields and not doing enough to__4__adequate facilities for physical education and games. Young people in Britain have become crazy about football(soccer and rugby),but too often as__5__“couch potatoes”。

        The food industry is blamed for promoting junk food to school children and not doing enough to__6__down on sugar,fats and salt in prepared foods. The industry,__7__by the current popularity of the Atkins low-carbohydrate diet,has begun to __8__,but it is trying to protect a huge market and will need to do__9__more if it is to__10__off increased regulation.

        Japan seems less__11__so far by the problem of obesity,__12__ as the Japanese diet becomes increasingly__13__(burgers and doughnuts)the problem will grow. __14__,Japanese cuisine has become highly popular in Britain. It is seen as healthy in a different way from the Mediterranean diet__15__its emphasis on tomatoes and olive oil combined with red wine.

        A fairly small amount of red wine is now__16__as beneficial to the heart,__17__its other encouraging properties. But Britain has to do more to__18__the problems of alcoholism__19__with the binge-drinking culture—including violence and vandalism. Limited consumption of alcohol,as long as it is not__20__with driving,is harmless and possibly beneficial.

        1. [A] stimulate [B] commend [C] promote [D] elevate

        2. [A] submitting [B] subjecting [C] subordinating [D] surrendering

        3. [A] charged [B] denounced [C] scolded [D] accused

        4. [A] assure [B] ensure [C] secure [D] guard

        5. [A] speculating [B] spectating [C] specializing [D] sightseeing

        6. [A] fall [B] get [C] cut [D] bring

        7. [A] stung [B] bitten [C] chewed [D] licked

        8. [A] retort [B] refute [C] respond [D] resolve

        9. [A] abundantly [B] considerably [C] extensively [D] principally

        10. [A] defend [B] beat [C] hold [D] ward

        11. [A] upset [B] affected [C] effected [D] impressed

        12. [A] or [B] for [C] but [D] if

        13. [A] popularized [B] globalized [C] westernized [D] localized

        14. [A] Accordingly[B] Interestingly [C] Surprisingly [D] Strikingly



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