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        2019內蒙古教師招聘面試技巧-《My favourite season》

        2019-07-28 13:43:10| 來源:中公教師網


        Unit 2 My favourite season

        (B部分 Let’s talk 片段教學)

        Teaching Aims

        Knowledge aim:

        Ss can read and learn the sentence: I like spring/summer/autumn/winter best, because …

        Ability aim:

        Through activities and group works, ss can improve their ability of listening and speaking.

        Emotional aim:

        Through group work, students can learn to co-operate with others and will love the seasons and the nature more than before.

        Teaching key points:

        Can master the usage of the important structure” I like spring/summer/autumn/winter best, because …”

        Can get the main idea of the listening material and search some useful information.

        Teaching difficult points:

        Can use the sentence to describe their favorite season and explain the reasons.

        Can improve the confidence of learning English, and not afraid of speaking English.

        Teaching Procedures:

        Step 1 Lead in

        Greet with the students. Then begin the class with a new song adapted from How is the weather? The new song as follows:

        What’s your favourite season?

        It is spring/summer/autumn/winter.

        Step2 Presentation

        1 Free talk

        Ask about the students’favourite season and the reasons. I will do like this:

        T: Now, I want to ask you. What is your favorite season? And why? You, please.

        S1: Spring. Because it is warm and we can have a picnic outside.

        S2: Autumn. Because the weather is cool.

        2 Listen to the tape. Before it, I will give two questions.

        Question1: How many seasons are there in the conversation?

        Question2: About Amy and Miss White, what are their favorite seasons?

        S1: Four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter.

        Write the four seasons on the blackboard.

        S2: Amy likes autumn best and Miss White likes summer best.

        3 Now, listen the tape carefully. This time, focus on the question:

        T: Why do they like autumn and summer?

        Then fill the detail in the blanks on PPT:

        Amy likes autumn best, because the weather is good and colors are beautiful.

        Miss White likes summer best, because she can swim in the pool.

        T: Ok, now, it is the second time for listening, pay attention to the details in the talk. After listening, you need to fill in the blank on PPT.

        T: Now, let’s fill in the blank together.

        T: Miss likes…

        S: Summer!

        T: The reason is?

        S: She can swim in the pool.

        Step3 Consolidation

        Make dialogues in group work.

        Write the structure I like…best, because…on the blackboard.

        Divide students into four groups: spring group, summer group, autumn group and winter group. The teacher makes a sentence and other three groups need to use different words to make new sentences.

        First begin with the spring group.

        Spring: I like spring best, because Ican fly a kite.

        Summer: summer swim in the pool.

        Autumn: autumn the weather is good.

        Winter: winter make snowball men.

        Read the chant again and again to review the structure.

        Step 4 Summary and homework

        Ask one of the students to be an assistant teacher to memorize what we have learned today. The homework is to choose their favorite seasons, make a card for it and describe the reason with the sentence we have learned next time.

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